Simplified Medical IT

July 15th, 2017
Medical Practices Supported (and counting!)

Specialist Medical IT Services for your General Practice, Clinic or Hospital

Medical practitioners have very specific needs when it comes to their IT. With patients regularly booked back to back, the last thing your team needs is down time. Our proactive IT management model aims to eliminate this downtime by identifying and preventing issues before they impact your staff.

We offer a full turn-key solution

We provide the following core IT services:

– IT Technical Support Help Desk
– Staff Training and Documentation
– 24×7 Monitoring and Management of your environment
– Backup Management (both onsite and secure offsite)
– Security Auditing
– Website Design and Hosting
– Intranet Development
– Business Grade Internet Access
– Medical Private Cloud Solutions

“We have recently established a new Ophthalmology practice in Melbourne. Vibe have been with us right from the start and have been instrumental in creating our brand and setting-up our IT in such a way that it is efficient, functional and stress-free. They are always at hand to sort out any issues which may occur. They have been thoroughly professional from the outset. I highly recommend VIBE as an IT provider”
Anton Van Heerden

Medical Equipment Integration Specialists

With experience in many different Medical Specialties, we ensure that your diagnostic equipment is integrated into your IT network, reliably feeds results into your Patient Management System and that all data is managed and backed up appropriately.

We support all Australian Patient Administration Systems

Whether you are running Genie, Best Practice, Medical Director, Zedmed or VIP.Net (just to name a few) we can help. With nearly 100 medical clinics curretly managed by Vibe Group, we know the best way to  setup and manage your Patient Administration System and can make sure it runs reliably and fast.

Vendor Management

We offer our simple, single point of contact for all your technical and support needs. We build relationships with your vendors and manage your IT from the inside, taking the load off your management staff and allowing your team to focus on treating your patients.

Backed by our Good Vibe Guarantee

Our managed services are backed by our Good Vibe Guarantee ensuring your staff experience as little down time as possible.

Budget Controlled

We provide an option for flat-rate IT service including all hardware and software for the duration of the contract, giving you complete budget certainty. Never experience another server upgrade or PC replacement cost blowout again. This service model is also 100% tax deductible, providing bottom-line cost savings for your business.

Medical Private Cloud Hosting

We also provide the option of secure, dedicated hosted servers for your practice or hospital. By hosting in our Medical Private Cloud you can increase the reliability and availability of your services at the same time as cutting costs.

Let us help you make your IT simple. Contact us today

You may wish to read our current client testimonials, find out why we think you should choose Vibe or contact us for more information.

Reliable Support

November 14th, 2016


The aim of our Managed Services Solution is to proactively manage your IT environment and prevent issues occurring in the first place. If issues do occur, our staff will work around your schedule to minimise the impact on your team and business.

Single Point of Contact for all your IT issues

Don’t get the run around trying to find out who can help you with your problem. Our support team take ownership for all of your IT issues regardless of the underlying issue. We engage with third party vendors on your behalf and come back to you with solutions, not more problems. To make things even easier our single point of contact can be reached over the phone, via email and even through a private customer portal.

Australian Support Team

Our Australian based support staff are trained in your environment, so you don’t waste time explaining your problems over and over again.

Our team are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week including public holidays. 

We offer a full turn-key solution

We provide the following core IT services:

– IT Technical Support Help Desk
– Staff Training and Documentation
– 24×7 Monitoring and Management of your environment
– Backup Management (both onsite and secure offsite)
– Security Auditing
– Website Design and Hosting
– Intranet Development
– Business Grade Internet 
– Private Cloud 

Application Support

We support all commonly used accounting, sales, billing, sharing and cloud applications Australian businesses use, saving you time while speeding up issue resolution.

Backed by our Good Vibe Guarantee

Our managed services are backed by our Good Vibe Guarantee ensuring your staff experience as little down time as possible.


For small to medium businesses, outsourced managed IT services are more cost-effective than hiring the equivalent resources in-house.

Let us help you make your IT simple. Contact us today.

You may wish to read our current client testimonials, find out why we think you should choose Vibe or contact us for more information.

Dependable Internet

November 14th, 2016

Australian businesses have been falling behind in internet services and connectivity.With National Broadband Network delays and frequent service and speed issues becoming commonplace , we decided it was time to do something about it. Vibe Connect Internet Services are Reliable, High Performance Internet Services designed for Cloud and IP Phone Services.


Vibe Connect internet up-time guarantee for our high availability customers
Delivered for the last four years running


Our Business Internet Services are suitable for Medical, Enterprise and Government customers as well as those who need mission-critical reliability from their internet.

We offer unlimited internet traffic, premium performance and reliability, and speeds from 10Mbps to 10Gbps

Key features

High Availability Internet Services

Internet and telecommunications services are  critical for your business.  We have developed a series of products and services to meet the needs of mission-critical business applications. All our services are designed specifically for your business featuring high availability to eliminate downtime before it happens. Instead of waiting on hold to your service provider your business can continue to function as normal.

Our aim is to out-perform every other provider on the market in terms of reliability, performance and most importantly customer service .Our data, voice and hosting services are all aimed to help your business achieve it’s needs and goals. Stop worrying about your IT and chasing up your TPG, Optus or other internet issues and contact us to find out more. 

Let us help you make your IT simple. Contact us today.

Private Cloud

November 14th, 2016

Through our Vibe Connect infrastructure, we provide a fully hosted environment for your business in our Australian Private Cloud. We host your servers for you, saving you from purchasing and managing hardware on premise. This gives you expanded choice on where you run your applications and access to rapid innovation.

Securely work anyware, anytime 

Whether you like to work from home, in the office, offsite, overseas, on a Mac, Windows PC, iPad or even on your phone. Our cloud services provide the flexibility you need to work the way you like to work. All in a safe, secure and fully managed environment.

Predictable Costing 

With Cloud there is no upfront hardware spend. There is no requirement to purchase a server or any major setup costs for your business. Start small and grow as you need with a predictable monthly cost. All you need is an interent connection! 

Run any Application on Cloud 

We support any application on the Cloud. Medical, Business, Financial and Corporate apps are all supported. If you currently run it on your server, we can migrate it to the Vibe Group Private Cloud.

The Vibe Cloud Difference

Direct Network Link into your Cloud

  • While other providers supply cloud services across the internet, we provide a direct connection into our datacentre from your office.
  • By separating your cloud from your internet connection, your Private Cloud and Voice Services will continue to perform as expected. All day, every day. 

About Our Cloud Platform

Let us help you make your IT simple. Contact us today.

Beautiful Websites

November 14th, 2016

Vibe Website solutions are created specifically to meet your business requirements. Building a website is no easy task, it takes planning, design skills and technical know-how. When you choose to build or enhance your website with us we will work closely with you to capture all of your business requirements. We focus on building you a tailored website solution, specific to your needs.

Designed Using the Latest in Technologies

Our solutions utilise the latest in interactive web technologies and feature integration into social media platforms to ensure that you engage your customers and present a fresh and current web presence.

Mobile Designed, Flexible Websites 

People are using Mobile Phones and Tablets to view websites more and more often. All our websites are designed using flexible design principles so they look beautiful on large screens as well as phones and tablets.

Full Service Solution

We provide additional solutions that help make your website a success, including:

–       Enterprise Grade Melbourne-Based Hosting

–       Domain Registration and Management

–       SSL Certificate creation and management

–       Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

–       Web traffic monitoring and reporting (Google Analytics)

–       website advertising strategy and keyword targeting

–       eCommerce setup and training

Solutions to Suit Every Business

Whether you are looking for a simple website or a fully-featured eCommerce solution integrating into your accounting and management systems – we have you covered.

Over 17 Million Australians use the internet. Call us today and make your first impression count.

You may wish to read our current client testimonials, find out why we think you should choose Vibe or contact us for more information.

Clear Communications

November 14th, 2016

Vibe Connect Voice Solutions

Vibe Connect solutions are designed to simplify your voice services while leveraging the latest in internet and phone technologies.

We use a single, standardised phone featuring high definition audio and a large clear LCD screen, ensuring your phone is easy to use and calls are clear and reliable. 

With a simple monthly cost per handset, no upfront costs and the option of unlimited phone calls, our systems provide budget certainly and the ability to grow as your business does.  


Vibe Connect is an open-standard, software based IP phone system that works with popular IP Phones whether on premise or in the cloud.
A complete Unified Communications solution, including web conferencing, presence, soft-phones, smartphone clients and more – without the cost and management headaches of an ‘old style’ phone system or the limitations of a shared cloud PBX.

See Presence of Colleagues
The ability to view the status of other colleagues (“Presence”) is a great time saver avoiding unnecessary call transfers or voice mail tags and makes managing and working with remote employees easier than ever. Need some quiet time to finish a project? Customize your status and prevent any disturbances.


Deliver Faxes & Voicemail to Inbox
Inbound faxes are converted to PDF and forwarded to users via e-mail, without requiring any fax server software. Likewise, voicemails are converted to sound files and forwarded via e-mail.


Instant Messaging / Text chat
Allow employees to communicate together via text chat, without the need to rely on third party internet messaging systems. Users can send and receive text messages via the Windows, macOS, iOS and Android clients from anywhere.

Android and iOS VoIP Clients
Vibe Connect features native Android and iOS VoIP clients that are continuously updated and tested and set the standard for mobile phone VoIP clients. With an inbuilt tunnel to avoid remote firewall issues, calling from over 4G or from any Wifi hotspot is extremely reliable. Android and iOS clients fully support PUSH, allowing the phone to be on standby and save battery life.

Use Your Extension From Anywhere
With the VoIP clients for Android and iOS you can take your extension wherever you go. Vibe Connect delivers the one number concept meaning that you no longer have to give out your mobile number. Set your status so your colleagues can see whether or not you are available to take a call.

Easy to Configure and Manage

The clients for Android and iOS utilise VoIP and are easy to setup and manage. The clients can be automatically provisioned from the Management Console, reducing help desk calls. Because of the inbuilt tunnel, the clients work seamlessly across all firewalls, making them even more reliable.

Use Softphone to Make and Receive Calls
With softphones for macOS and Windows, you can manage your calls from your desktop and make and receive calls via the office phone system from your computer, even while out of the office. Using a headset you can even use the client as a full desk phone replacement.

Manage your Calls with the S
Vibe Connect includes a powerful switchboard function that can be tailored to the way you want to view and manage your phone calls. With 5 different views to choose from it can cater to any job role.


Integrates with Office 365, Google, Outlook & Others
Launch calls directly from your CRM. Inbound calls are matched to customers based on the caller ID and logged in your CRM. Accurate call journal of inbound and outbound calls with call duration allows you to generate insightful reports on customer and agent activities.

We take advantage of next generation voice services, allowing us to offer some of the lowest call rates in the industry. So much so that we guarantee that we can cut your voice bill by 10% or your solution is free!

Contact us for more information on how we can help your business communicate better. You might also like to find out why you might like to work with vibe.