Seeing an Online GP

28/08/14: Online GP Consultations.

As most of us are these days, I have been a little time poor of late. When I realised I was about to run out of one of my routine scripts just two days before I am heading overseas I had a problem.

So I Googled online GP appointments and did a little research which led me to

Two minutes later I had an appointment scheduled in an hour. The registration process was simple – you provide your basic Medical info as well as Medicare details and Skype contact name) I was all set!

Just before your appointment you enter a virtual waiting room and open Skype. The Doctor was running 5 mins late (he called me to let me know on my contact number) – I didn’t mind though because I just kept on working! Much better than sitting in a real waiting room with other sick people.

The Skype consult was flawless – the video and voice was good and it felt as though I was there.

Once the script was issued I could see it on my account online and then choose how it was delivered. I choose to fax it to my local pharmacy (it was there in 2 minutes) for immediate pickup.

Overall I would say the experience was extremely positive and simple. For routine appointments like this the online appointment system works great – If I needed an onsite examination I think I would still go see my local GP.

If you are interested, check out

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