Corporate Responsibility

We believe that small business should give back to the community just as much, if not more, than big business. We are pleased to support the following community and environmental initiatives

Carbon Neutral PCs

All Vibe Group computer systems are sourced from 100% Carbon Neutral hardware providers certified Carbon Neutral.

100% carbon offset hosting and services

We independently audit our energy usage and take active measures to offset the carbon cost, ensuring our business stays as close to carbon neutral as we can.

Energy Efficiency

We perform optimisations for all our workstations to maximise energy efficiency when not in use.

Hardware Recycling

Vibe is committed to reducing computer waste and increasing reuse.

Where possible, we donate our old recycled PCs to charities and dispose of unusable technology as thoughtfully as possible.

New Initiatives

We are always looking for new ways to improve our services or worthwhile community groups to support. Please contact us with your suggestions.